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* ~ _ S = Swan _ ~ *

ABC Wednesday
My #43 Entry
Letter of 18 May ’16
S = Swan ~ Zwaan

abc swan


5 thoughts on “* ~ _ S = Swan _ ~ *

  1. Hello Daphne, or you like to be called Chantal? Leuk om een Nederlands blog te zien! Have already lived more than 30 years in California, so English goes faster now:) Beautiful swan!
    Hope you know you can comment me back from your blog, and I automatically received – not so, with the Blogspot blogs. WordPress-ers sometimes carry on a whole conversation back and forth, because we can:)
    Not to forget, I have a photo link called SEASONS – it runs from Sunday to Wednesday 7pm, US Pacific time.SEASONS is about anything and everything taking place during the season. That means not only landscape, weather, nature, but birthdays, vacations, traditions, etc. – any experience.
    Welcome! If you click on the following you see the once from this week.

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