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* ~ _ A Wish _ ~ *

Looking out of the window
every single day
longing for a sunny day
to take a stroll with my camera

One time it started to rain
clouds were getting dark,
no sunshine was to been seen
Animals went in hiding
just before the lightning came

After a while the sun returned
birds started to sing once more
flowers where glistering in the sun
as if mother nature had been refreshed

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* ~ _ Looking Back _ ~ *

There’s a time named the past
where everything was picture perfect
as it should have been for everyone
stable and comfortable

Years has been passing to fast
and al lot of things,
can’t be changed

Stop looking back
what done is done
Start living the life you want
and make the best time ever!


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* ~ _ Seasons _ ~ *

A new season has arrived,
saying goodbye to winter
and hello to spring.

Flowers are starting to blossom
and snow is going to disappear.
Colors are beginning to bloom
in different shapes and sizes.

They are there for us to enjoy,
so let’s all explore the world
and celebrate the new season.

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* ~ _ Memories _ ~ *

I wish to climb up this stair,
Up in to the sky.
Only if it just was for one time,
To say hello to my dad and granddad.
But that wish has to wait
Someday I don’t know when,
I can see them both again.
Dear dad en granddad
I still love you both
And miss them always